PTC Melbourne

  • Foundations of Pastoral Care – a full semester BTh or MDiv level unit taught in Semester 1 every year. Running in the evening, this is available for credit or just attendance..
  • Pastoral Skills and Methods – a full semester BTh or MDiv level unit taught in Semester 2 every year.
  • Counselling: the personal ministry of the Word – essential issues for pastors.  Directed study contract mode with some small group tutorials, at BTh and MDiv level. Teaching content incorporates the audio from Ed Welch’s 2011 MA(Th) level unit at PTC Melbourne (available from PTC Media).
  • Basics of Biblical Counselling – a six evening certificate level short course that is available in distance mode.


Workbook and DVD based courses

Good introductions to biblical counselling can be found in various courses that have come out of CCEF. They work best in group settings. Here are a few of them:

  • How People Change by Tim Lane and Paul Tripp
  • Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands by Time Lane and Paul Tripp
  • Crossroads: a step by step guide away from addiction by Ed Welch
  • Change and Your Relationships by Tim Lane and Paul Tripp


CCEF distance courses

Most of the CCEF courses that are taught at Westminster Seminary are available in distance mode through CCEF. CCEF/Westminster has been the main leader in biblical counselling since 1968 and is responsible for many advances in biblical counselling. Distance lecturers include Ed Welch, David Powlison, Paul Tripp, Tim Lane, Winston Smith, and Mike Emlet. CCEF awards three certificates for various groups of courses. Some credit into degree programs may be available.

These are highly recommended and many Australians have been working their way through them.

Intensive counselling observation courses are available on-site in Philadelphia and some Australians have done this in conjunction with on-site intensive mode courses that are not available in distance mode. 


Westminster Theological Seminary – Full time overseas

MDiv counselling, MAR general and MA biblical counseling programs can be taken on campus in Philadelphia. All of the counselling units are taught by CCEF faculty and lecturers. Transfer of credit from some partially completed and completed theological degrees may be available. Some cross-credit of distance courses and independent study courses may be available which could reduce onsite requirements by 25%. For the MDiv and MAR degrees, completion of intermediate Greek and Hebrew in Australia could reduce the base time required in Philadelphia by around a year.