What is biblical counselling?

Little 'b' biblical
Biblical Counselling is not about finding a verse for every problem. Biblical Counselling is personal ministry done from a biblical worldview. We want to see the complexity of life and people in the light of the gospel of Jesus. We want to see stories in light of God's big story.

Little 'c' counselling
All of us are little 'c' counsellors in the lives of others. Biblical counselling is about equipping parents, spouses, friends, leaders, pastors and carers to wisely love people with gospel-soaked interactions. We call this the 'Personal ministry of the Word'. In addition, we see the need for godly trained 'parachurch counsellors', to both train the church and provide expertise to help those with deep struggles. 

The Personal Ministry of the Word
The ministry of the Word is more than preaching. It is more than small group bible studies. We are called to encourage, rebuke and comfort one another in the midst of everyday life. We want to grow in wisdom and skill in the application of God's word in the counsel we bring to others lives.

The Church as Transformation Centre
The church is the centre of care and transformation for the believer. This is not to demean the important role of doctors, psychologists and other helping professionals. It's a challenge to the church, to take the lead in the care and growth of the people under their care.